Music Trivia Game Show

Test your knowledge!


Hit the buzzer if you know the answer! Our game show-style host will ask trivia questions about music, TV shows, movies, pop culture, followed by a sound clip to give you a hint.

Can you identify this farm animal?


We aren't kidding, anyone and everyone who wants to play is welcome! Just hit the buzzer, say your answer into your mic, and find out your fate! If your answer wrong, the audience gets a chance to shine. Tags: Entertainment in Halifax, disc jockey in Halifax, disc jockey in Bridgewater.

Fun for All Ages


Our game show is fun and interactive for all types of crowds, including corporate events, holiday and birthday parties, and high school safe grads. Make friends, enemies and great memories! A little competition never hurt anyone...

Under Construction

COMING SOON!  Check out our Game Show in action!